UNESCO AGH Chair Fellowships Programme in Engineering, edition 2016 C1 (Deadline for submission: 24 March 2016, 16h00)

The UNESCO Chair for Science, Technology and Engineering at the AGH University of Science and Technology in Krakow is inviting potential candidates from rapid economic growth countries to submit your interest with the fellowships programme edition 2016 C1 in Engineering (B.Sc., M.Sc.). The program is addressed in particular to the previous edition 201x A fellows and who have taken or are planning to study at the AGH UST (B.Sc., M.Sc.).                    

Deadline for submission: 24 March 2016, 16h00 local time.  

In the case of interest, a cover letter should be sent to unesco3@agh.edu.pl; the name of the letter: 2016C1-Candidate Surname-Country.  

Cover letter should include:
1.     SURNAME and Name;
2.     Country;
3.     Date of birth (yy-mm-dd);
4.     Your passport number;
5.     Your Polish visa number and valid date (yy-mm-dd);
6.     Did you got previously the fellowship based on the UNESCO/ Poland Co-sponsored Fellowship Programme, if YES which edition;
7.     Justification for the request/ Motivation;
8.     Place and date and signature of applicant;  

List of invited Member States per region  

Please register yourself to the Fellowship 2016 C1 e-registration system available on page: Registration Form 2016 C1