Target and Aim

Conference will be focusing on the mobilization of science, technology and innovation for sustainable development and on the North - South and South - South cooperation, as well as capacity and capacity-building in engineering.

The cooperation growth between North-South and South - South in engineering education, technology transfer and innovation, based on different distributed resources, must be today based on global interregional benchmarking based activities. The above needs global interregional-based engineering technology and education platform helping best practice storage and dissemination base on the UNESCO ideas and priorities.

The expected results will be :

  1. to set up a global interregional platform of people working in engineering technology and education, connected with UNESCO’s ideas and priorities for benchmarking and monitoring of the engineering education, technology progress and innovation dissemination.
  2. the conference proceedings including papers of the participants concerning their knowledge and practice in engineering innovation, technology and education.
  3. a database of people and institutions.

The achievement of the above results requires  getting  engineering people together (to establish links between staff for further seminars, trainings, conferences, workshops and find partners for future cooperation), defining existing engineering potential and identifying future needs to promote better education systems in engineering for future joint cooperation, to establish background for future projects and joint cooperation, to create the scientific underpinning for innovations, to yield economic benefits.

The planned Conference is a part of activities undertaken by the AGH University of Science and Technology Krakow in engineering education and technology transfer based on UNESCO targets.