Subject matter and scope

The UNESCO AGH Chair subject and scope have been in written into the signed Agreement between UNESCO and AGH UST and in particular include:

  •      inspire research for sustainable development and environmental benefits and management of natural resources,
  •     building friendly policies and the potential for science in engineering, technology and innovation,
  •     the construction of the cooperation between universities, institutions of higher education, training centers and research, through development of partnerships between existing institutions (including UNESCO UniTwin Chairs) within the network of UNESCO, along the north - south and south - south, aiming to improve the quality of engineering teaching,
  •     promotion of the principles of conduct and ethical standards appropriate to the development of science and technology and strengthen the targeting strategy for research on social transformations taking place,
  •     promote cooperation between individuals belonging to the university and technical education and industry in research and training, and documenting them,
  •     the ability to strengthen the capacity and knowledge of people involved in the construction of curricula, trainers and lecturers in the field of basic science and engineering practice, and involved in their transfer and innovation in engineering.