25.03.2020; 11h00 a.m.; Memristor. The Fourth Basic Circuit Element; Dr inż. Bartłomiej Garda, AGH University of Science and Techonology, Krakow; (by invitation via email); for registration please visit:

Abstract. Memristor is a two-port passive electric element postulated by L.O. Chua in 1971. The main property of a memristor is that its resistance varies with the charge (or flux) that has passed through the element. After real memristor elements have been manufactured in 2008 at the Hewlett Packard Laboratories led by S. Williams the interests of the scientific world has significantly increased. The main focus of memristor applications are resistive memories, logic circuits and neuromorphic circuits. In the presentation author defines the element properties so called the finger prints of memristor. Some measurements examples on real memrisitve elements carried out at AGH University of Science and Technology are presented. The presentation will include some possible applications.