Polish cusine

Polish cuisine is highly diverse and cuisine rich in regional specialties. It was formed over the centuries, yielding to the manifold international influences and so the permanent menu includes dishes Poles shaped mainstream Rusyn , German, Italian or Jewish .

For centuries, Poland played an important role grain products such as cereal or bread. Bread jadanym by most Poles are white bread . An important aspect in Polish cuisine dish of flour and soup. Poles eat equally willing for mushrooms and legumes : beans , peas or beans . In Polish cuisine has an important role distracts dairy products, including eggs and cottage cheese . Among the regionally produced cheeses are popular highland cheese: oscypki or straits . A typical fat used by the Poles is  butter and vegetable oil . The most consumed meat : pork, beef, poultry, fish . Fruits: cherries, plums , apples , pears and others from around the world . They are a common ingredient in desserts, preserves and compotes . Poles like the taste of sour and spicy appearing in the Polish edition of Breaking is often cream , so it is much more gentle than in Asian countries or Arab .

The most popular meal in polish cuisine: pierogi ( meat, mushroom , sweet with fruit), noodles, Silesian dumplings , meat dumplings , crepes and pancakes , potato pancakes, cabbage rolls (rice or porridge with meat served in cabbage leaves ), chop pork or pork stew ( hunting dish ) , chicken or pork jelly, soup ( soup, beetroot, tomato, pea , soup ), fish, meat , potatoes, cakes .Breakfast comprises of : tea (black pita often with lemon ) , coffee ( often with milk ) , sandwiches with different content , milk soup , scrambled eggs, cereal with milk , toast with jam .Dinner in Poland is the richest meal of the day . Traditionally consists of two dishes : soups and meat dishes or flour . For dinner Poles often reach for fruit compote (which sometimes is a form of dessert ) . Dinner was consumed among the whole family at the table, today this tradition is cultivated mainly on holidays or Sundays.Supper is the last meal of the day. It is consumed between 17-21

In Poland, now you can taste cuisines from around the world .